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The decision to see patients face-to-face is informed by advice from the Department of Health, public health orders and best practice recommendations.  Current patients will be advised regularly about face to face or Telehealth appointments, as part of a COVID safe plan.


As the number of Coronavirus cases rise across Australia, the level of anxiety within the community is increasing. So, it’s important to look after yourself, and monitor your health.

MindAid Coping Keys (Your Pocket Psychologist) -

Due to Covid-19, there has a been a surge in the need for mental health support.  The Pocket Psychologist product from MindAid can help you with mild difficulties or provide a new way of thinking about everyday issues.  We all need to think to keep things straight, however, sometimes we are overblown and plagued by unhelpful thoughts.

The MindAid Coping Keys are not inspirational or motivational statements.  Often, we hear statements such as, "I dream wealth, wealth comes to me"; or "just think positive".  No amount of positive thinking about wealth, will make you rich.  

We are also not fans of the words positive or negative thinking.  We like to focus on healthy or helpful thinking.  Each of the five products, developed by psychologists, contains 20 coping keys, or cards, which contain helpful statements to assist you with your thinking, emotions and behaviours.

Just to be clear: thinking is all the thoughts we have; emotions are one word (anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, happiness etc); and behaviours (our reactions or urges).

This product is based in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which aims to improve our cognitions (thoughts) and behaviours; which ultimately assists our emotional state.

Tips for managing coronavirus anxiety -

Dealing with uncertainty -

Australian Psychological Society -

This Way Up -

Blackdog Institute -


Mental Health and the NDIS: How a Psychologist can help people living with disability

See interview - Ms Tiare Leahy from Kynd and Dr Leah Pischek Simpson

This Way Up - Digital Champions



There is two-hour parking directly outside the entrance of Riverwalk Place.  There is two-hour parking on the street in Waterfront Place which is off Laver Driver; as well as two-hour visitor parking behind Riverwalk Place (which is also off Waterfront Place).  Additionally, there are a few spots in Queensferry Court (about 150m from Riverwalk).  There is also $5 parking in the Robina Health Precinct carpark, which is off Campus Crescent.  It is then a 3-4 minute walk to my office.

Please allow sufficient time to get to your appointment if coming off the Pacific Motorway as there are roadworks and there may be unexpected delays.

Riverwalk Place Parking at Entrance
Riverwalk Parking at rear of building (access via Waterfront Place)

Parking at rear of building (access via Waterfront Place) 

Parking in centre of Waterfront Place

Parking in centre of Waterfront Place 

Parking at entrance 



If you have a question that is not covered here please call or email and we will endeavour to help find the answer.

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