Patients/clients of Leah come from a variety of referral sources and are covered under a variety of funding arrangements. This includes but is not limited to the following:


General Practitioners (GP) – particularly under a GP Mental Health Care Plan (where you are entitled to a rebate under Medicare – see section below called Medicare.



At present the Medicare system enables patient to obtain a rebate for ten sessions per calendar year (January to December each year).  You can have more than ten sessions, however, Medicare will not provide a rebate (you may be able to claim under your private health).


To obtain a plan and the subsequent rebate you must see a GP before your first session.  When arranging an appointment to see a GP for a mental health care plan it is recommended you advise the receptionist when making the booking that you are seeking this plan as they may require you to book a longer consultation or multiple consultations.

Leah charges a gap fee that is $40-70 above the Medicare fee (which is $126.50). For clients who are health care card holders or are financially disadvantaged, there is a concession fee. If you have further concerns, please discuss at the first session with Leah.





  • Self-referral

  • Employee Assistance programs

  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs

  • Insurance companies (including motor vehicle and CTP)

  • Work Cover

  • TeleHealth - this is usually for remote and regional patients - FIND OUT MORE BY CLICKING HERE.
    However, new rules due to COVID-19 (See COVID-19 Fees Page)

  • Victims of Crime (statewide),

  • NDIS (plan managed participants)


Rebates are available with most private health insurers. However, you cannot claim a further rebate if you have already claimed with Medicare.  The private health option is usually if the patient requires further sessions.


The rebate is usually between $30 to $70, and for a limited number of sessions. It is recommended you contact your insurer to check your level of cover and the rebate.

There have been changes due to COVID-19 and you may be eligible for a higher rebate - please check with your private health insurer.