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The secure technology platform Leah is using for TeleHealth is called Coviu. This platform meets security and privacy laws to ensure you have a safe consultation with Leah.

With anything new, it takes time to adjust.  However, if the service does not work on the day (because that can happen), Leah can use FaceTime, Zoom or have a normal phone call with you (with your consent).


To operate Coviu for your appointment:


Please note, you are NOT signing up or into Coviu, it's the technology to support our call. However, to join the call on the day of your scheduled appointment you need to:


  1. Go to link - (it prefers you to use Google Chrome to have the best quality call).

  2. You will be prompted to “allow” access to camera and microphone.

  3. Press the green “join as a guest”.

  4. You will be asked to take a selfie for ID as well as to enter in your first and last name. This is so I can identity you. Press Continue.

  5. A consent form will appear. Please tick and proceed.

  6. You will be in a wait room until I connect with you. 

  7. There is a waiting room music, which will come up on your device.

If any problems, let Leah know and she will do her best to help you.  Please feel free to text or email her.

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